I’m deeply impressed by people who actually find the will and the way to prepare their own healthy food. I’m able to do it sometimes, but I’ve been inconsistent. It take so many micro-choices, and planning, to integrate healthy food into your daily life!

I’ve been supporting my friend Ocean Robbins in creating resources to help people walk the path with more ease, grace and knowledge. It’s Ocean’s project, but I’ve helped produce the audio and helped participants get enrolled.

Ocean and his dad share a conversation about some of the things they do to make their kitchens healthy. These guys have even gone so far as to create a course for creating healthy food kitchens, and I’m enrolled in the course.

I’m impressed with what has been created here. You should really check it out if you want to learn how to make more healthy food in your own kitchen. There is a big focus on saving time and money in the process, and John is super interested in all of us experiencing greater harmony and joy in the kitchen as well.

I invite all those who care about their own health that of their families to learn more about creating creating a healthy kitchen with me.

Get connected with healthy kitchen resources over at: http://goo.gl/bzlTBm

Last word: I can hardly believe how much the look of this site has improved since we started in 2012!

- Lionel Church

Healthy Kitchen Power Hour