Breakfast: A meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.

About a year ago, I finally got some new ideas through my thick skull about what else I might eat for breakfast, thanks to information I learned from the Food Revolution Summit. I kept hearing John Robbins mention his morning smoothies, and he described even being so bold as to add kale to them. Gross, but courageous, I thought. The community household I was living in had a very well stocked kitchen, and among the kitchen appliances was the ever so famous blender, The Vitamix. Somehow I felt like I had no excuse. Here I was living amid the king of blenders, and John Robbins was having kale for breakfast, and I couldn’t figure out whether to make a fancy meal or starve till lunch every day. I made my first smoothie for breakfast; it was like entering into adulthood. I had actually had some smoothies as a kid and teen because my mom was into making them for various spurts of time. So once all the stuff was in I knew what level of water to fill the blender to at least. Thanks mom. But hell if I was going to put kale in my f*#%ing breakfast! And yet the day came where I did put kale in there, and then I discovered that it turns the drink green but adds almost no perceptible flavor to the drink. I never knew those peace and love hippies were actually drinking something that tasted like bananas and strawberries when they were gulping down those green monstrosities.* Judgements and assumptions – humbled yet again. Crazy how those biases can crumble once you learn new information, huh?

* Note: Speaking of biases, my first inclination was to make reference to “dirty smelly hippies,” but upon review I felt unsure about it. I contacted a self-proclaimed hippie friend on the matter of how to refer to her ilk. I found her response rather illuminating: “Nope I would say thats kind of offensive. Plus I would say hippies are far more united by their love of freedom than their lack of showers. I think the image of dirty hippies is a way for society to brush off the real truth of the way in which modern people live is crazy and destroying our home planet… Plus I find perfume and deodorant way more offensive. You cannot prove that toxic chemicals are better than sweat earned from an active lifestyle. I call middle America pretty gross and smelly.”

So for you, what biases have given way to new understanding in regards to food? Where have you found new information which has spurred along your own food journey? Who do you look up to as a worthy role model when it comes to diet and lifestyle? And how has what you learned as a kid helped or hindered you in moving down your own food journey?

Please post a comment with your thoughts! I’m reading all of them and getting excited about the food journeys of people who are on this path of personal inquiry.