Breakfast: A meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.

For me, breakfast was long the most confusing meal of the day. I would pace up and down the kitchen cursing my hunger and my food options. I knew on some level that I wanted to eat healthy food, but I only knew a few breakfast options – waffles, pancakes, bagels, toast, cereal – and I was vaguely aware that they were all pretty much made of the same stuff. Then there were “fancy” breakfast options, like huevos rancheros and hash browns.

I wanted to do well for myself, so as I got older I got my preparation of those meals down to a science: I would lay down the cutting board with a full russet potato and then have perfectly browned hash browns, completed by my masterful pan-flicking hash flip (this guy’s got it down too!), in just shy of 12 minutes. It was a dream, and I did it often. But those “fancy” breakfasts still weren’t selected because they were necessarily healthy. They were just artful imitations of what others were doing. A seething confusion was my breakfast reality for all of my childhood and much of my young adult life…

More on this tomorrow.

Now if you were reading the Food Journeys blog or listening to the podcast and you’re not learning anything about yourself, then I would be failing. These essays and episodes only become meaningful when you start telling the story of your own food journey, so I ask you these questions:

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Was I the only one feeling like it was the most confusing meal of the day? How much time do you have to spend on the preparation and consumption of your morning meal?

And feel free to ask any other questions you’ve got about breakfast to the community of fellow food journeyers…

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