Hey ya’ll,

I feel so sorry to have not posted for so long, but today something altogether small felt so epic to me: I learned that potatoes can be fried without oil and still taste crunchy and awesome like fried potatoes should. Honestly, no seasoning — why does this taste so good?!

The Potato, Sized

This is altogether amazing and I am excited about the possibilities for healthful potatoes dishes, but in other news…

In the last two+ months I’ve been on teams launching the Food Revolution Summit, the online class Walking The Jewish Spiritual Journey (it’s profound stuff even though I’m not Jewish!), and presently I’m working on launching the Peak Performance Symposium. Between all of these projects I’ve continued to develop great connections with food journeyers, but I just haven’t been able to share what I’ve been learning with you.

I see a lot more happening with Food Journeys coming up, but this is a gestational period where I am the one-man-band, so fuel for the journey has been inconsistent when I’m working on massive other projects. I still care about this project, but I’ve been shifting my attention around to keep all things in balance. And I’m curious about the balance in your life too.

One of the things which can really get me fired up is hearing about your own food journeys — How is that going for you? I’ve reached out to a few people who have really inspired me with their food journeys, and in the coming days I’m going to share where they are at.

Also, the hour-long Podcasts which I’ve been releasing are awesome in my opinion because they are an hour-long and in-depth. However, I am considering sharing them in smaller, bite-sized chunks in addition to making the whole conversation available. Doing that would both make it easier for me to prepare and a quicker time chunk for you to to listen to. We’ll see how that goes and with the feedback of fellow journeyers I know the strategies which best serve our needs will emerge.

Blessings to you & hoping to hear from you personally,

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