Zap! And Now You’ve Got A Healthy Kitchen.

I’m deeply impressed by people who actually find the will and the way to prepare their own healthy food. I’m able to do it sometimes, but I’ve been inconsistent. It take so many micro-choices, and planning, to integrate healthy food into your daily life! I’ve been supporting my friend Ocean Robbins in creating resources to help people walk the path with more ease, grace and knowledge. It’s Ocean’s project,...

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Why Does This Taste So Good?

Hey ya’ll, I feel so sorry to have not posted for so long, but today something altogether small felt so epic to me: I learned that potatoes can be fried without oil and still taste crunchy and awesome like fried potatoes should. Honestly, no seasoning — why does this taste so good?! This is altogether amazing and I am excited about the possibilities for healthful potatoes dishes, but in other news… In the last two+ months I’ve been on...

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Why is breakfast such a confusing meal? (2/2)

Breakfast: A meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day. About a year ago, I finally got some new ideas through my thick skull about what else I might eat for breakfast, thanks to information I learned from the Food Revolution Summit. I kept hearing John Robbins mention his morning smoothies, and he described even being so bold as to add kale to them. Gross, but courageous, I thought. The community household I was living in had a very well...

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Why is breakfast such a confusing meal? (1/2)

 Breakfast: A meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day. For me, breakfast was long the most confusing meal of the day. I would pace up and down the kitchen cursing my hunger and my food options. I knew on some level that I wanted to eat healthy food, but I only knew a few breakfast options – waffles, pancakes, bagels, toast, cereal – and I was vaguely aware that they were all pretty much made of the same stuff. Then there...

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