Welcome to Food Journeys,

You are joining the growing group of people who are consciously engaging with food, and I am so glad to introduce you to what we’re doing here at Food Journeys. My name is Lionel Church and I’ve been working on producing the show all by myself. It is my first ever monthly audio series, and I’m ever so grateful to you for being engaged in my early work. I’m presently very interested in questions about food. How do you choose what to eat? When, how and with whom did you learn what sources to trust in regards to the question “what should I be eating”? I’m interviewing people from a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives on what they eat, and which sources they trust. Am I going to want to eat like every person who appears on the show. No! Will I even agree with the methodology or logic of everyone who appears on the show? No. Food Journeys is a project to better understand the  relationship that other people have to their food for the purpose of broadening our horizons.

I came up with the idea for Food Journeys by hearing personal stories from friends about why they ate certain foods and not others. There were such a wide range of ideas that I decided to lay to rest my point of view for a bit and just ask open questions. I heard such intriguing answers and captivating stories. What happened for me by listening is that my old sense of defensiveness around eating a vegan diet began to fade away, and it became so much easier to accept other peoples food choices, even when they were different, even seemingly opposite, from my own. Listening closely and trying to really understand why another person does what they do creates more harmony between friends who eat differently. That is what I realized. But my most surprising discovery in having those early conversations about food journeys was that once me and my friend shared mutual respect for one anothers food journeys, our dialogue and ability to actually share information which might be helpful increased dramatically. It took the arrogance and the confusion out of the relationship, and gave us honest ground on which to connect.

My definition for being on a food journey is inclusive of anyone who chooses to eat differently for a distinct reason. There is something remarkable about making an uncommon food choice, where awareness seems to flourish. I wish to honor everyone who is on a food journey and my production of the food journeys episodes is intended to contribute a voice of tolerance, inclusion and learning. This is the kind of conversation which can make personal relationships a whole lot easier and more fulfilling. May all of us who are consciously engaging with food grow healthier in our bodies and minds, and also become a strong constituency around the world.


Lionel Peter Church